Proaxive Consultants Pvt Ltd was earlier Proaxive Advisory Services and founded in 2011 and from then we lead the way of innovation in corporate laws, accounting, taxation, labour and legal services. If you want to start business in India, Proaxive is your best bet. The team Proaxive is led by seasoned players in Industry, with more than 20 years of experience in corporate laws, finance and taxation. The firm also has a strapping presence of young and energetic professionals and this blend of experience and vivacity is, we believe, the driving force behind the success of Proaxive and its associates.

The word accounting comes from the word accountability. If you are going to be rich, you need to be accountable for your money.

-Robert Kiyosaki

Benefits of Accounting and Bookkeeping

To gauge the income and expenditure of the business

To ensure a smooth and transparent business, every individual, firm or a corporation is required to know about the income and expenditure incurred or generated. This helps them to plan and strategize their financial resources and exploit them accordingly.

Timely access to operational information

Up to date records provide access to operational information to the management. Although business owner(s) or managers are not directly associated with all transactions, accounting and bookkeeping help them to keep an eye on all the transactions from time to time.

Regular reconciliation rationalise decisions

Accounting comes with the reconciliation of data periodically. Monthly or quarterly reconciliation helps management to analyze the beneficial or detrimental aspects of the business. Hence, futuristic decisions can be rationalized with the analysis of loss and profit.

Attract investors with accurate financials

Investing in any business would be followed only after complete analysis of business and its financial condition. While approaching investors, you need to make sure that your books of accounts are up-to-date and accurate. Inconsistency may refrain investors to jump into the business.

Ready to furnish data for timely compliance

Accounting makes it easy to extract data and submit it on time for regular return filing, compliance or scrutiny for the businesses.